About Us

Since 1906, Somerset Door and Column has been one of the most reliable manufacturers of architectural wood columns and custom doors in the United States. While the company is built around tradition and authenticity, the manufacturing procedures used today are modern and second to none.  Trained craftsmen combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery like CNC routers and computer controlled profilers create the most accurately constructed doors and columns possible; long-lasting products that will stand the test of time.

High-quality kiln dried domestic and imported hardwoods plus domestic pine lumber are used in the crafting of custom wood doors and entryways.  Somerset Door and Column Company works closely with suppliers in finding appropriate and cost-effective materials suitable for creating lasting everyday works of art.

Some manufacturers outsource components in their production process.  At Somerset Door & Column, all wood components are fabricated on-site to control quality and overall aesthetic appearance.

The fabrication employees are true artisans with years of experience.  They take pride in making enduring columns and doors.  The sales team members have a thorough knowledge of production methods as each one started their career as a woodworker in the mill.  The technical and management staffs are hands-on and accessible to ensure that customer’s wants are fully accommodated.

Put your trust in a company that has been satisfying architects, construction companies and homeowners for over 100 years- Somerset Door & Column.