Architectural & Decorative Columns

Columns add a stately elegance to any building from a historic Georgian plantation to a county courthouse.  A truly classic design should come from a true historic company.  Somerset Door and Column Co. has been making columns and pilasters built to the standard specifications of the ancient Greek and Roman orders for over 100 years. Column styles include round, square, straight, tapered, and true entasis.

Classic Design

Crafted to the exacting “Orders of Architecture”, Somerset Door & Column’s classic standard designs are available in sizes up to 40 inches in diameter and 40 feet in length.  If a custom design is desired, scale drawings can be prepared for approval.

entasis (ĕn’tə-sĭs) – A slight convexity or swelling, as in the shaft of a column, intended to compensate for the illusion of concavity resulting from straight sides. The shaft diminishes as it rises and the outline is not straight. This curve which is called the Entasis, or bending, as of a bow, begins one third of the way up, the lower third being cylindrical. (From “The American Vignola” by: William R. Ware)

Architectural Wood Columns

Our classic standard wood column designs are available in sizes up to 40 inches in diameter and 40 feet in height. If custom designs are desired, scale drawings can be prepared for approval.  View Architectural Wood Columns Styles.

Ornamental Capitals for Architectural Wood Columns

Correctly proportioned and beautifully detailed capitals are molded of specially prepared durable composition that will withstand exposure to the elements when properly installed.   Each capital and column set is furnished with a wood plug designed to transmit the load directly to the column.  Any column or pilaster, plain or fluted, may be specified with various capitals. View Capital Styles for Architectural Wood Columns.

StaveCast™ Composite Columns

Molded from new composite materials, these architectural works of art provide ease of installation and a long, low maintenance life. They are decorative, load-bearing and tapered in the classic tradition to enhance the interior or exterior of any structure. Quality manufacturing and attention to design details make StaveCast™ the finest product in the industry. They are available in sizes up to 24” in diameter and 24’ in height.  Read more about StaveCast™ Composite Columns.

Aluminum & Fiberglass Plinths

Cast aluminum or fiberglass plinths are suggested for all exterior column installations.  These plinth are correctly constructed to assure adequate ventilation to the inside of the column shaft.

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