Custom fiberglass columns merge traditional column design with the latest technology. Crafted to the exacting “Orders of Architecture”, SDC’s fiberglass column designs are available in sizes up to 40 inches in diameter and 40 feet in length just like the wood columns since a wood column is constructed to produce the mold.

Fiberglass columns are made from chopped fiberglass and resin then gel coated for protection. The strength of the material is very resistant to dents and scratches.  The use of fiberglass components may eliminate problems found in wood columns, such as rotting and peeling, and are perfectly suited for areas where adequate ventilation cannot be provided.

The light weight of fiberglass columns and simplified installation procedure reduce shipping and handling costs when compared to columns made from traditional materials like wood and plaster.

Custom fiberglass column shafts are not typically load bearing but a load bearing support can be requested or split for reassembly on-site to wrap existing supports.

The same decorative capitals are used for both fiberglass and wood columns. Download a decorative capitals PDF here.